Our spirit


The philosophy of our winery is to create high-quality wines that reflect the spirit of falconry, a discipline that requires knowledge, dedication, and great attention to detail. We are committed to using only high-quality grapes from our vineyards in the Puglia dei Trulli region and practicing sustainable farming techniques to protect the natural environment in which we live.



The names of our wines take inspiration from the falcons that our founder, falconer Francesco Pezzolla, had the opportunity to train and get to know. Albidus, Gipeto, Feldeggi, Tagarote are all names of raptors of extraordinary beauty and nobility. Then there is Mangalah, a velvet bracelet finely decorated with Arabic falconers, a symbolic element of physical and spiritual connection between Man and Falcon, and Federì, dedicated to Stupor Mundi Frederick II, a sparkling wine made from Fiano grapes that interprets the lively and eclectic character of the Puglia Child, from a young age eager to discover the world.



With our colorful artist labels by Francesco Ferrulli, we seek to pay homage in an original and unprecedented way to the tradition of falconry, creating wines that tell stories of ancient cultures and the people who have passed them down to us. We want every bottle of wine to be a unique experience that captures the essence of our land.