The Founder


Francesco Pezzolla is the founder of our agricultural company. Born in 1976, he was born and resides in Alberobello, a UNESCO World Heritage town famous for its trulli but also for its name derived from the Latin "Silva Arboris Belli", "Forest of the tree of war", referring to the times when the area was covered by a lush forest.

It is among the still present woods around Alberobello that Francesco Pezzolla's passion for falcons was born. In the trulli where my grandfather lived, in a black and white documentary on the three-channel TV at the time, I learned the story of Feliz Rodriguez de La Fuente, one of the greatest modern falconers. It was a lightning bolt!

The first experiences


I was only 9 years old when I started going into the woods to observe free falcons in nature. At 10, I bought my first book on the art of falcon training in Rome's Porta Portese flea market. At 15, my father and I adopted and trained our first hawk, Argo, a juvenile Royal Kite, which, due to its extraordinary flying abilities and adaptability, was well suited to my immense passion for him and for the world of falconry, which had become my world! We became like two inseparable brothers.

At the age of 18, I inherited my first Goshawk. From there, the study, application, deepening of the works and life of Federico II, the greatest sovereign of the Middle Ages, who grew up in our land to pass on to us the art of falconry, and the adoption of many other falcons.



Now I am proud of my falcons and eagles that fly practically every day. In the morning, I take them to a wonderful place on the Pirro Canal, where my grandfather gave us the family vineyards. I let them fly freely all day, and then bring them home at sunset. They are the natural guardians of our vineyard, my grandfather used to say. Keep breeding them, I'll take care of the wine. He's no longer with us today. Now it's my turn...